Parkinson’s disease is a slowly progressive disorder, generally associated with tremor, stiffness, rigidity of the muscles and slowness of movement. Patients with PD have low dopamine levels in the brain. The medications for PD increase the level of dopamine. When the PD medications are not working (off-time), the tremor and stiffness will return. Patients may have wiggly or writhing movements (dyskinesias). When the patient is experiencing dyskinesias it usually indicates that the Sinemet (carbadopa-levadopa) and/or Stalevo level is high.

Characteristics of Parkinson’s Disease

  • Tremor
  • Rigidity / Stiffness of muscles
  • Bradykinesia (slowness of movement)
  • Stooped posture
  • Low blood pressure
  • Difficulty walking / imbalance & falls
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Dementia / Hallucinations / Confusion
  • Speech problems (reduced volume / slurred)
  • Constipation & Urinary symptoms
  • Drooling
  • Sleep disturbances (daytime somnolence, night time insomnia, acting out dreams)
  • Masked face (Flattened affect)

Factors that worsen Parkinson’s Disease

  • Not getting medications on time
  • Taking Carbidopa/Levodopa, Sinemet®, Parcopa® with protein or iron
  • Stress, anxiety, lack of exercise and/or the need for rest
  • Being prescribed incompatible medications
  • Infection

Local organizations & Partners

Rock Steady Boxing

Indiana Parkinson Foundation

IU Health Neuroscience Center center

National organizations

Parkinson Foundation

American Parkinson’s Disease Foundation

Michael J. Fox Foundation

Davis Phinney Foundation


– Indianapolis Area

Downtown Indianapolis

IU Neurorehabilitation & Robotics Clinic (Parkinson’s Support Group)
362 W. 15th St.
Contact: 317-963-7050 (Kathryn Gyves, PT, DPT, NCS, CSRS, CBIS or

Support for Care Partners at IU Health Sciences Center
Contact: 317-963-7411 (Lynssi)

Veteran’s Support Group (Veteran’s Administration)
Contact: 757-660-1376 (Kylee Pagan) or (put Veterans’ Support Group in the comments)

Northside Indianapolis

2nd Presbyterian Church Parkinson’s Support Group
7700 N. Meridian St.
Contact: 317-726-5413 (Ashley McNamara) or

Rock Steady Boxing Headquarters
6847 Hillsdale Ct.
Contact: or 317-288-7035
(Other local RSB classes can be reached through this website under “Find a class”

Rock Steady Boxing Hoosier Village
9909 Purple Plum Lane
Contact: 317-973-4007 (Wellness Director)

Caregiver Support Group with Catholic Charities
Contact: 317-261-3378 (Monica Woodsworth) to get info for virtual & in-person groups

Northeast side Indianapolis

Rock Steady Boxing at FYZICAL
5665 N. Post Rd., Ste. 120
Contact:317-723-6089 (Eileen Chou, DPT)

LSVT (PT portion only) at FYZICAL
5665 N. Post Rd., Ste 120
Contact: 317-723-6089 (Eileen Chou, DPT)

Westminster Village North Physical Therapy Class
11050 Presbyterian Dr.
Contact: 317-823-6841 (Jill Armantrout) or

The CLIMB Westminster Village North
11050 Presbyterian Dr.
Contact: 317-823-6841 ext. 1051 (Denisse Garcia) or

Rock Steady Boxing Westminster Village North
11050 Presbyterian Dr.
Contact: 317-823-6841 ext. 1051 (Denisse Garcia)

Southside Indianapolis & Greenwood

Renewal Physical Therapy and Neuro Rehabilitation
5305 Commerce Square Dr.
Contact: or

Climb PD & Caregiver Support Group, Mt Pleasant Community Life Center
407 N. Bluff Rd., Greenwood, IN  46147
Contact: 317-881-6778 (Penny Clayton)

Loud Voice Therapy, Mt Pleasant Community Life Center
381 N. Bluff Rd., Greenwood, IN  46142
Contact: 317-881-6778 (Penny Clayton) or www.mpcc.into

Greenwood Climb at Mount Pleasant Community Life Center
407 N. Bluff Rd., Greenwood, IN  46142
Contact: 317-881-6778 (Penny Clayton) or
Facebook: Mt. Pleasant Community Life Center

Rock Steady Boxing at The Social of Greenwood
550 Polk St., Greenwood, IN  46143
Contact: 317-882-4810 (Ashley Koval) or

Westside Indianapolis

Climb at Westside Garden Plaza
8616 W. 10th St.
Contact: 317-209-2321 (Teri Click) or


– Outside of Indianapolis Area


Rock Steady Boxing at Betz Nursing Home
116 Betz Rd., Auburn, IN  46706
Contact: 260-925-3814 (Deborah Glasper, PTA)


Big & Loud Therapy at Community Hospital
1515 N. Madison Ave.
Contact: 765-298-5382

SPEAKOUT! At Community Hospital at Scatterfield
3125 S. Scatterfield Rd., Ste 130, Anderson, IN  46016

Rock Steady Boxing
182 W. 300 N., Anderson, IN  46011
Contact: 765-298-4179 (Dennis McCord)


Rock Steady Boxing – 765-585-3161

Bloomington (Monroe County)

Rock Steady Boxing – IU Health
2499 W. Cota Dr., Bloomington, IN  47403
Contact: 812-353-5664

Bell Trace Support Group
3750 E. 3rd St., Bloomington, IN  47408
Contact: 812-332-2355 (Anna Martin) or


Rock Steady Boxing
1531 E. Northfield Dr., Ste 800, Brownsburg, IN  46112
Contact: 317-939-0166

Columbus (Bartholomew county)

Rock Steady Boxing South Central Indiana
3343 Commerce Dr., Columbus, IN  47201
Contact: 812-343-9237

Danville (Hendricks county)

Hendricks County PD Support Group
Hendricks County Community Center, 1201 Sycamore Ln., Danville, IN  46122
Contact: 317-745-4303 (Angie Nelson)


Elkhart Support Group
Contact: 574-584-2404


Rock Steady Boxing Evansville YMCA
516 Court St., Evansville, IN  47708
Contact: 812-423-9622 (Ashley Cabanaw)

Evansville People with Parkinson’s & Care Partners (Support Group Meetings)
Aldersgate UMC, 5130 Lincoln Ave., Evansville, IN  47715
Contact: (Linda Cirillo)


Fishers Support Group
Contact: 317-550-5648 or


Rock Steady Boxing at Tri-county YMCA
131 E. 16th St., Ferdinand, IN  47532
Contact: 812-367-2323 (Lisa Yoder)


Frankfort Caregiver & Parkinson’s Support
Contact: Barbara Kinsler 765-601-4192

Fort Wayne (Allen County)

Rock Steady Boxing at Lutheran Life Villages
6723 S. Anthony Blvd., Fort Wayne, IN  46816
Contact: 260-447-1591 (Ask for Residential Living)


Rock Steady Boxing of Northeast Indiana
121 N. Randolph St., Garrett, IN  46738
Contact: 260-416-4406 (Val or Dave)

Goshen (Elkhart County)

Greencroft Community Center Parkinson’s Support Group
1820 Greencroft Blvd., Goshen, IN  46526
Contact: 574-537-4204 (Cheryl Shriner)


Granger Support Group

Granger Climb at Beacon Health & Fitness
3221 Beacon Parkway, Granger, IN  46530
Contact: 574-647-2597 or

Henderson (Kentucky)

Henderson People with Parkinson’s
First United Methodist Church, 338 3rd St., Henderson, KY

Kendalville (Warsaw County)

Parkview Noble Hospital PD Support Group
Contact: 260-347-8824 (Julie Desper)

Lafayette / West Lafayette

Parkinson’s Disease Education & Support Group of Greater Lafayette
Boxfit, 3540 State Rd. 38, Ste. 202, Lafayette, IN
Contact: 765-838-2668 (Georgia Malandraki) or or
Allison Schaser

North Manchester

Rock Steady Boxing at Peabody Retirement Community
400 W. 7th St., North Manchester, IN  46962
Contact: 260-306-9045


Rock Steady Boxing Shelby County
2120 Intelliplex Dr., Ste 101, Shelbyville, IN  46176
Contact: 317-398-0127 (Abigail Kirk)

Terre Haute (Vigo County)

Rock Steady Boxing Terre Haute
940 Poplar St., Terre Haute, IN  47807
Contact: 812-241-7395


Rock Steady Boxing Warren at Heritage Point
801 Huntington  Ave., Warren, IN  47359
Contact: 260-375-2201 Stacia Perry


Rock Steady Boxing at YMCA
1201 Cumberland Crossing Rd., Valparaiso, IN  46383
Contact: 219-462-4185 ext. 235 (Alyse)


Virtual PD Support Group –

Caregiver Support Group –


If you are looking to participate in clinical research, or if you just want to find out more about what clinical research is and why it is critical to the goal of finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease, The Michael J. Fox Foundation’s website has what you are looking for. Visit to get more information regarding clinical trials. On that page you will find a tool called Fox Trial Finder that can be used to help you find a clinical trial that meets your needs as a potential participant in clinical research. You can also find it this tool directly at

Also, be sure to visit our News & Info page (add link) regularly for the latest information regarding Indiana-based research opportunities that you might be eligible to participate in.


PAACI has donor-advised funds available to provide small grants for local IRB approved research programs. If you would be interested in applying for a grant please contact PAACI at 317-255-1993 or for more information.

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