Donations To PAACI Can Be Made As…
– A memorial in honor of a loved one
– An honorarium to honor someone living with PD
– A birthday celebration (we’ll send a pretty card)
– An anniversary celebration (we’ll send a pretty card)
Or any other occasion you’d like to celebrate.  Just call Sheri at 317-255-1993 and she can make you up a pretty card for any occasion.

Donations Can Be Made by…
– Mailing a check to the PAACI Office at P.O. Box 19575, Indpls.,  N  46219
– Calling Sheri at the PAACI Office and making a payment a credit card over the phone.
– Making a donation through or below on the donate now button.
– Leave a lasting legacy through planned giving as a bequest.
– A grant from a charitable fund.
– Give at work through a payroll deduction or matching gift.
– Do a fundraiser with friends, family or co-workers (ie. jeans day at work or a run, walk, bike ride, gaming party or anything else
you and your friends enjoy doing).

***Online donations are made through Paypal.  When making donations in memory or honor of a loved one please use the comment box on the last donation screen to note loved ones name and where we should send the card or call Sheri at 317-255-1993.

Thanks so much for making a donation to PAACI. We really appreciate your generosity!