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Seniors are top targets for scams and financial abuse

When someone unfairly or criminally exploits a vulnerable senior’s money or other assets, it is called financial elder abuse.

Scammers typically prey on older adults who they believe to be vulnerable.

This includes people who are lonely, isolated, physically or cognitively impaired, who are grieving a recent loss, and those unsure of how to manage their money.

Con artists often pretend to be trustworthy and reliable helpers who can provide needed assistance and support.

They might be strangers, like telemarketers or tradespeople. Or, they could be someone with a connection to the victim, including friends, relatives, medical professionals, legal counsel, accountants, and paid or unpaid caregivers.

To help older adults protect their hard-earned assets, find out about 8 top financial scams targeting seniors that everyone should be aware of.

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