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Low cost internet services help seniors stay connected

The internet is a valuable tool for seniors. It helps them stay connected with family, friends, and community services.

This helps prevent social isolation, which can seriously worsen health.

An internet connection is also needed to use helpful services like tele-health appointmentsAmazon Echofree caption phones, free videos (like exercises to reduce fall risk), on-demand music, streaming movies, and more.

Having internet at home also allows the use of safety services, like fall monitoring, automated temperature control, home security, and more.

But monthly access fees can be expensive.

Fortunately, federal government programs and some internet service providers are helping seniors get online with low-cost services, typically with no monthly contracts and free or low-cost equipment.

We rounded up 7 sources of low-cost internet for seniors. Availability depends on location and financial situation, but these programs are well worth checking into.

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